Pumpkin Bread with Cream cheese Persimmon frosting

This pumpkin bread belongs to a family of breads known as “Quick Breads”. They are my favorite to make as the chemistry involved in making their texture moist and thick (how we like them) is very simple. This means that once you nail down the basic recipe for a quick bread you can quickly start inventing your own (which can seem REALLY impressive). This also means that there is little excuse to not do everything from scratch. The only excuse I usually allow myself is the one involved in today’s batch: The mix was so inexpensive that buying the individual parts on their own (even budget brand versions) would be more expensive than the mix was. So here we go.

Basics for the bread: (not pictured the extra cinnamon I added because I like my pumpkin bread spicy)

Ingredients for Pumpkin Bread

These came out looking home-made and a little extra fancy because they were baked in silicone molds. These molds are amazing and make any home-made pastries just a little bit more special (please forgive the photo im still terrible at taking them from above).

Pumpkin bread

Slightly cuter than just plain loaves (although there are three of those too in the photo)

The frosting is a frankenstein of my own creation. I used whipped cream cheese as a base and mixed in fresh mashed persimmons. I skipped any added sugar because persimmons on their own are very sweet and there is no need to mess up the beauty of their natural sugars.  My persimmons were not ripe enough to mash on their own, so I cooked them down with satsuma juice, black spiced rum and vanilla.  I then mashed this and added some satsuma zest.  The finishing touch was a couple cranberries.

ran out of daylight.  BAD BLOGGER.

ran out of daylight. BAD BLOGGER.


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