Christmas Gift Guide #1: Healthy Finds Under Fifty

I mentioned in my last post a bunch of goals I am getting started working on (although not the running yet- as a surprise trip to San Diego put a delay on the start of my couch to 5k program).  Being healthy and able bodied is on my mind right now, and while it may not seem like the best of gifts, I have come around to the idea that health gifts are probably one of the best ways to show someone how much you care.  Here are my picks for some under $50 options.  Tomorrow I will be posting a list over at ChubbyCheeksBeauty of some splurgey health gifts in case you have a little more to spend. Click on the image to be taken to the product.

Penguin humidifier, adorable sinus savior!  ACK! it comes in Owl too!

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer. Not at all obsessed with owls.

Image from redditgifts. The health benefits of tea keep piling up and this tea pot is ridiculously fun. I recommend the green tea sampler for an antioxidant boost.

Naturebox is a healthy snack subscription that would be an amazing gift for the avid snacker. The three month gift is slightly over the limit here but I have tasted their snacks and its totally worth it.

They don’t have a gift option yet, but creating an account for someone at my yoga online and buying them a couple months will allow them to destress and strengthen from almost any streaming device

These gifts might not be someone’s first thought when they make their list, but I think raising someone’s quality of life is the best gift possible.


Easy Thanksgiving Table Ideas

It might be just over a week before Thanksgiving is upon us but there is still time to refine your table.  Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to relish the warm burnt tones of Autumn and the spicy scents of pumpkin pie and mulled cider.  Not everyone likes their Thanksgiving to be a lesson from a history book or a trip to grandma’s country cottage but I love this holiday best when it is a mix of the layered textures and colors.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving this year.

There are still plenty of pumpkins and other gourds to go around this time of year and there is no reason to not use them in your decorating.  This candle in a pumpkin idea from brings in the natural colors and textures of the season.  They would look great on a dessert buffet lending a subtle spicy compliment to pastries.  Click the photo to go to the tutorial

One more candle project, this time for the main table. This diy candle holders would look great clustered or scattered about the table. I am really liking the idea of creating enough of these to make sure the whole room is illuminated in candle light. Not only does everyone look better by candlelight but if you opted for the sequin version of these (shown below) the diffused effect would be like a beauty shot for the food as well. The picture below shows the candle holders in some amazing jewel tones but for my table I am thinking metallic. These would be great in copper and brass hues. The picture will take you to the tutorial courtesy of decor8blog.

More Metallic! More more more! I really am having a metallic moment right now, particularly copper. These glasses from
West Elm would look great in leiu of traditional stemware on the table. Switching up your glass options is a great way to add a casual element to your table. This idea goes particularly well with the next item on the list.

Instead of a centerpiece this year, be bold and try something that will definitely encourage cross table conversation. I doubt I will be able to talk my mom into it, but I love the idea of a big punch bowl in the middle of the table. Guests can ladle up their own beverages while they eat. Click the picture below to be taken to a recipe from theglitterguide for a delicious sparking cider rum punch that will be the center of my Thanksgiving table soon.

I have definitely got enough sparkle and shine going on for the table at this point. As stated before, I am a fan of mixing texture so these kraft paper placements from oh nmy deer handmades are perfect. They take the disco ball effect of all that metallic down to a subtle shine and allow guests to reflect on the parts of this holiday that can all too easily get swept up in the turkey and stuffing madness. As above, click the photo to be taken to the amazing yet simple tutorial.

To further both the layered look of the table and to mix in yet another texture, I love the idea of these embossed velvet place ribbons from DesignSponge. The tutorials on this blog are always incredible and very easy to follow. This is a simply way to provide your guests not only with an idea of where they will be sitting for the meal but also to give them a subtle monogram they can take home and repuprose as they see fit. Click, read, craft!

This last idea is a bit expensive but a girl can dream. Horchow’s Napoleon flatware set looks amazing in all the offered designs. Right now, I am drawn toward the ivory colored handles. They would be reusable for so many different occasions. I can imagine these nestled on top of a linen napkin, the smooth handles adding yet another texture. Amaze.

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