Spring Has Sprung on the West Coast

I know that sadly much of the country is still in the middle of a never-ending winter and buried under snow, but in California Spring appears to have arrived. What we wouldn’t give for a month of winter storm precipitation, but alas. The sun feels great today and my brain is officially craving all things Spring (my second favorite season behind fall). My question to everyone is this: Do your wardrobe’s seasonal changes have as much to do with color as with texture and warmth factor? Mine do. I have a beautiful burgundy ikat top that I just could not wear today, it’s more of a late summer fall color for me.
Right now I am intensely into blush nudes, neutrals, pastels (pretty much a given this time of year for me no matter what) and dove greys and yes rose gold. I am not even really finding myself all that much drawn to black which is nearly unheard of. I decided to pull together a pinterest board for my spring obsessions, and i will be highlighting some of my favorites below.

hammered ear pin available from ChapamnJewelry on Etsy.

Jane Eyre scarf ThornfieldHall on Etsy

The perfect floral crown from Honeycomb Factory on Etsy

The perfect blush nude kimono from ASOS

Here is the pinterest board in all its pale glory: http://www.pinterest.com/pinksmish/spring-2014/


One response to “Spring Has Sprung on the West Coast

  1. prexious

    Nice! You do have great taste! đŸ™‚

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