Valentine’s Day Idea: Palentines Dinner and a Movie With the People You Love

Valentine’s Day does not necessarily have to center around romantic love. I find the holiday much more fun when you take time out to express your feelings to all of the loves of your life. The husband and I will be getting a room to give my mother and step-father some time alone this year. If we both had our ‘druthers we would have a big dinner and a movie date with all the friends we love instead. Here is how the evening would progress based around my movie pick of “Heathers”. It’s got a love story, it’s hilarious, sarcastic, colorful, and Veronica Sawyer is a major fashion inspiration for me right now.

Set the scene:

These floor poofs from Land of Nod would make the perfect seating arrangement. In my Palentine’s Day fantasy the red one says “Sherriff”

These poofs are perfect casual seating, and since they come in bright primary colors are a perfect match for the color theme in Heathers. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and black would be perfect to reflect the Heathers, Veronica and JD.

All these need is a white stripe (or 2 or 3) down the center. Image via Amazon

Paper lanterns in the same colors as the poufs only need a couple stripes of white to be the perfect croquet ball lighting.  Using as much green as possible on the major pieces of furniture (throw blankets and area rug) will also help set the scene for a bit of backyard fun in the dead of winter.


“Heather always said you couldn’t accessorize for shit”.  While the Heathers were also masters of color coded scrunchies this memorable quote is referring to a swatch collection.  Swatches would make the perfect party favor for our guests.

available from Amazon



The obvious choice here is to serve dinner buffet snack style.  I can’t seem to recall ever seeing anyone sit down to an actual meal in the movie.  Pate, slushies and red vines would all have to make an appearance on the buffet.  I think anything goes to round out the rest of the meal but the adult beverages will have to be served in plastic bottles that have been cleaned out and relabled “Drain Cleaner”.


Finishing Touch

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Cookies from

These decorated cookies are just a small nod to Valentine’s Day and allow you to insert up to 5 custom messages.  I would customize these with my favorite quotes from the movie.


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