Gift Guide #2: Gifts for Men

Gifts for men, dudes, brews, brosefs, guys, guise, boys, brahs and gentlemen.  They’re all hard to shop for if you ask me.  Scratch that, they are all easy to shop for, and hard to get really right.  Chances are one of the guys in your life is bound to be more receptive to the novelty gifts you see at Spencer’s but that doesn’t make any of them good gifts.  Giving a male member of the human race a gift that will be cherished is like stealing a hot dog from the mouth of a hungry ‘gater.  Totally doable, totally difficult.  I’m tossing my hat into the ring with this gift guide that should help you find gifts for the guys in your life.  I’m aiming for diverse here, because just like women, men are not always impressed with the same things.

gifts for guys, wrist rocket

This image and idea comes courtesy of Huckberry. Huckberry is one of those curated deal sites, but their curation is on point. If you have a dude who is really a big kid at heart, this is a great option. It’s an upscale wrist rocket that takes the idea of a sling shot to a “whole ‘nother level”.

brass comb, gifts for men

This brass plated comb from Izola is a perfect gentleman’s accessory. When looking for gifts for men, I like to try and find something quality they wont need to replace for a good long while. If the man you are shopping for likes to groom and look dapper, this is a perfect choice. Less volatile than a possible sartorial misread, a quality comb will never be out of place.

Playstation 4 is the best gamer gift this year. This is a game focused device that is on the top of any gamer’s list. Don’t have the cash to throw down on one of these? (neither do I). Here is my other masterful idea, get them a PSN gift card and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Not all gifts for men who like tech need to center around gaming. The Roku is the gold standard for streaming devices and the Roku 3 is a serious upgrade from the original (which I have, and its still going strong fyi). Give someone the gift of freedom from their cable bundle this year. The future is streaming and Roku has been at this for years, they have thousands of channels. I borrowed this image from Amazon, and I kinda recommend buying it there if you have Prime.


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