Travel Weary and Not Finished Yet

This Autumn has just been getting away from me.  I had a lovely and terrible time at the memorial for my departed family member earlier in the month.  The loss is still very surreal and I imagine I will be feeling it for quite some time, but this was not the week for that.  Just two days after we returned from San Diego my sisters started arriving for Thanksgiving.  I think this may have saved my sanity, I could have spend the holiday dwelling but instead I got to be surrounded by family and love.

Thanksgiving, (okay more the ensuing food coma) pretty much steam rolled me and my last sister leaves on Wednesday morning.  I was hoping this would signal a return to boring routine where I could not only get a lot writing done but also get a jump start on any New Year’s Resolutions I wanted to make.  Turns out we are leaving Wednesday too to head back down to San Diego for a couple days to get some stuff done in relation to my husband’s start-up and their kickstarter (more on this when that launches).  We will be back just in time for the frenzy of my nephews birthday party (he was born on Christmas but we are celebrating early) and Christmas/New Years/ travel to Austin to help my grandmother post surgery.  Phew.  It’s going to be hectic.

I am also ridiculously ready to have my own place again.  My mother and step father have been beyond amazing letting us live here while we do the start-up and follow our dreams, but I am tired of living in someone else’s space.  No matter how beautiful it is (and this house is incredible) or how welcoming and supportive your hosts are (there is no concept of gratitude large enough), after a while you just need your own place.  I want to walk around naked if the mood strikes me, or paint a wall pink.  I simultaneously feel like I have no sanctuary of my own and like I am completely invading someone else’s.  It’s just.. stressful.  That’s a whole lot of whining for someone who is admittedly getting to explore a dream … right?  right.

I’m more than a little miffed by how negative my thoughts have been going, so I decided screw it, just because I have commitments doesn’t mean I cant still get a jump on my resolutions.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t put in the research needed for some of my dream projects (vegetable garden that produces enough to sustain us im looking at you).  So schedule permitting, I am setting goals.  Goals without a due date, but with a firm commitment.  In no particular order here are my goals:


Daily Writing – anything, but

Be able to run 2 miles without stopping – I will be starting a zombie themed couch to 5k program to kick off this goal and I hope to be able to do some fun runs in the very near future

Be able to walk 15-20 miles in a day – The breast cancer 3 day ladies can all do it, I want to be able to too.

Be able to tread water for 45 minutes at a time between breaks – Yes there is a bit of a survivalist theme here but I want to equip myself to live and live well.

Learn to sew

Vegetable garden that produces enough to cut out a huge hunk of our shopping bill – this will probably be a tandem goal with moving our diet to be much more heavily plant based

Learn to can

Promote – It’s pretty much my baby, and I want to make sure I give it my all

Reconnect with my Grandmother – Get over the fact that I hate the phone, I’m just being a jerk.

Make sure I have a strong relationship with my cousin – Someday it will just be us.  That us needs to keep it tight.

Smile at least 3 times a day – Even if I don’t wanna!

Time to kick my lifestyle in the ass.  I’ve been able to make small changes over the years and I want to keep building on it.  These aren’t new years resolutions, these are things that will happen.

What are your future triumphs?



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