Soundtracking – Watch and Listen

It’s been a hectic few months and I have seriously fallen behind with listening to new music.  I am happy to announce this ends starting today.  Part of what makes me happy is exposing myself to new sounds and exploring music as a soundtrack for my thoughts.  This is a little collection of what is ticking my boxes this morning.  It’s a bit female heavy and a bit electronic heavy but that’s just my mood right now.

∆AIMON – Seraphim

In Complete honesty this duo is always ticking my boxes. Definitely on the darker side of romance this is not the track to play if you want an impromptu underwear disco. That being said, it is absolutely ridiculously stunning. December 3rd will mark the release of their debut but there is plenty to love on their bandcamp page right now. They just might save what remains of the “witchouse” (HATE that term) scene.

Kate Wax – Dust Collison

This song sounds like how I feel when I watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. It’s beautiful. Upbeat without being obnoxious, this is a great one for the morning.

The Happy Hollows – Endlessly

One for the morning. This is a get out of bed and start the day kind of song. Its got great big sound that feels epic and inspiring. If you like synth, if you like new wave, if you have ears you will like this. Oh man this would make a great driving song too, through Big Sur.. yeah.

Blood Orange – Time Will Tell

Quoting the song here: “It is what it is”. Its smooth and infectious. It also speaks for itself.

Charlie XCX – Superlove (Yeasayer Remix)

I love Charlie XCX, I love Yeasayer. If I was in high school getting ready for a winter dance, this song would be on loop. My best friends would be in my room and there would most assuredly be some spontaneous underwear disco action. I love the stark visuals provided by the video here as they contrast very well with the bubbling sounds. I totally said I love Charlie XCX and I care not who knows.

Julianna Barwick – Harbinger

The world needs more Julianna Barwick. A lot more Julianna Barwick. She wields her voice like the paintbrush of an impressionist and the outcome is pure dream bliss.

Lola Colt – Jackson

Nick Cave and Grace Slick had a music baby. Lola Colt’s Jackson thuds and screams into ears like a black storm. The music recalls the best of Nick Cave’s various projects and the vocals recall Grace Slick’s authoritarian boom. This is a swirling backwater dust storm of a song choking with brilliance.

Dum Dum Girls – Lost Boys and Girls Club

This song sounds like it could have been included on the Lost Boys soundtrack. It straddles the line between the band’s previous dark girl group sound with a bit of Sisters of Mercy thrown in. It’s winter perfection. I may be now be convinced that Dee Dee and Co can do nothing wrong, at least musically.


One response to “Soundtracking – Watch and Listen

  1. prexious

    Ooooh, I’m running through this list 🙂 Digging Dust Collision right now!

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