Murder Mystery Party Costume Help Needed

On the First of November I am going to a “How to Host a Murder” party hosted by my sister.  My mom did one of these back in the 80s when I was a kid and I remember being REALLY jealous of everyone doing the dress up and pretend to be someone else thing.  I am also a huge fan of the detective show genre (Hello Murder She Wrote!).  Needless to say, JAZZED!

One small little problem, I think I exhausted my creativity trying to come up with a makeup look for my actual Halloween costume (Pictures of both the ingredients used and the final dish upcoming after the holiday). My character is Glumda, the depressed witch from the grey part of Oz. The invite describes her skin as pale green, but I am REALLY loathe to risk getting a bunch of face paint on my normal clothes. I was thinking maybe, do contour highlight and blush in green colors? Do my lashes and brows in green as well? Throw on a purple lip? Anyone think that would work? Help a girl out!


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