Reality is a pest

In the past two months I have lost a job, a pet, a family member, and my place to live. Two of the losses were voluntary due to circumstances relating to my husband’s employment and two them were absolutely devastating blows. I am still in a place of mental dissociation. I think about the changes that have forced their way into my life and it seems like I am writing a story about someone who happens to resemble me in almost every way possible. Sometimes I pretend like I am on vacation and none of it is actually happening. Reality has been slowly sinking in.

This is the kind of reality that I could easily get lost in. Luckily I have friends and family with worth beyond measure. People have not only made themselves available to patiently listen to my venting,/ranting/complaining/mental meandering but they have also been quick to offer up distractions. A look at my instagram will show that I have been doing a bit of crafting lately which has been encouraged and mostly financed by my mother. I have friends checking in with me daily. I have a friend who kindly gifted me with a big bag of beauty products to play with and review (If you are interested check out our beauty blog here for a list of items):

I do not say this as a brag, but rather as an admission. There are things I am not capable of facing on my own. It is my hope that somehow this post finds its way to someone who is likewise overwhelmed. It is my hope they reach out and ask for help from a friend. It would be my honor if someone like that reached out and asked me to help with the distraction. I may be dealing with my own life snarls, but helping others is therapy. After everything that has been done for me lately, tell me how I can help you.


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