Miracle (Challenge) week begins today

The other night I was trying to fall asleep and sat thinking about my day.  For some reason I got stuck on the gross amount of soda I had that day.  I realized it was pretty normal for me to have up to 6 a day.  This is SO.NOT.GOOD.  Hence:  Challenge Week.

I talked my usually game for a challenge mother into doing a week where we challenge ourselves and cut out or down some of our bad habits.  She was of course enthusiastic.  Here are our challenges:


1.  Alcohol limited to one glass of wine per day

2.  One soda per day

3.  No artificial sweeteners if we can help it

4.  Daily exercise

5.  For me:  One blog post or instagram post per day

6.  For me:  Greet mom after work with a cuppa!

7.  For mom:  Chop veggies in preparation for the next challenge

8.  Fruits or veggies at every meal (easily done but I did have to expand it to include fruit because I can’t think of a way to incorporate veggies into my oatmeal).

Here we are, starting today.  Lets see how we do come Friday.  Mom started calling it Miracle Week and I almost like that better.  Clean up the bodily clutter, clean up the mental clutter.




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