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Clearly I have a problem with productivity; at least with staying on task and being productive with my goals and personal projects.  One of the things I am currently working on is staying on task more and accomplishing all these lofty goals I have set out for myself.  All the good intention in the world is a complete failure if I cannot capitalize on it.  To that end, I have collected a modest list of links to various things that have been making my life easier and more productive.  I am only roughly 2 weeks late in sharing them, but I can finally cross this off my to-do list.


This is a web based personal assistance/life organizer.  It keeps its functionality from being overwhelming my organizing things into different “notebooks”.  You can therefore narrow what you are looking at into different categories.  It uses a smart bookmarking system and syncs with Google calendar. It can also send sms alerts and email alerts for events.  Plus!  It has a home decoration project notebook.  For me!  Iphone/Android apps = happy.


Mint is a surprisingly easy to use and fun personal finance manager.  Seriously, I’ve been evangelizing about this one.  Paying off debt, saving for a vacation, this makes it easy and breaks down your spending so you can see where you are wasting money.  Trust me; almost everyone is wasting money somewhere.  It has problems with BofA but there are iphone/android apps and it WILL help.


Ask my dad and he will say the biggest problem I face is clutter.  I have, to quote him “too much shit”.  Unclutterer is pretty much determined to streamline your life.  It will inspire you to pare down your possessions and make your life work more seamlessly.  Get more done with less.  This site is aspirational for me.  I hold that the more I don’t have to think about mundane tasks and my routine is efficient, the more time and energy I will have for brilliance.  Brilliant!


Get more done with less, again!  This site just attempts to make life easier.  It has creative ways to get what you want by repurposing what you already have and are not using.  There are lots of great DIY projects and suggestions for things to make life easier.  This is how I found Springpad.  This is where I found out I could clean the bathroom with grapefruit and kosher salt.  It might save you time, it might save you money either way its worth checking out.


This is part of the “Apartment Therapy” family of blogs.  Yes, it is kind of heavy on design and aesthetics but it does focus on being environmentally sound.  There are tons of recipes for homemade cleaners and suggestions for eco friendly presents.


Life should be beautiful.  Life should be lived in a beautiful space.  Design sponge is like an aggregator of pretty things.  They have rad desktop wallpapers with a calendar for every month.  There are designs in here for those of us on the cheap and those of us who want to splurge.  There are also recipes and random other tidbits that just seem very applicable.

CDNTwo Roku channel:

Not a web link but a link to a Roku channel.  Lord knows I LOVE my Roku.  Love it!  This channel has a section of taped and streaming lectures from different universities around the country.  Art appreciation from Yale, Physics from Berkeley, continuing education is hugely important to me.  This is great, FREE (after buying the Roku) way to learn more.

So there we go.. linkage.  Goal for tomorrow:  Something of substance.


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